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Hawaii Activity | Surfing

Surfing is an exciting Big Island Thing to Do and you don’t need any prior surfing experience to enjoy this Hawaii Activity.

Whether you’re an experienced pro or have never been on a surfboard before, this exciting Hawaii Activity is a wonderful addition to any visit to the Big Island.

About Surfing off the Coast of the Big Island:
Surfing is, obviously, a hugely popular Hawaii Activity. There are areas that are perfect for beginners and other spots to challenge experienced surfers. When you’re looking for Big Island Things to Do, consider spending some time catching waves on the beautiful waters off Hawaii.

Taking surfing lessons is a good idea for beginners. Sure, you could try to figure it out on your own, but you will have a lot more success if you learn some of the basics from a pro. Many people catch their first wave after just one lesson. Another benefit of lessons for first-time surfers is the chance to learn important safety tips.

Even if you aren’t a beginner, you can still benefit from surfing lessons. The experienced instructors can help you perfect your technique and help you get to the next level in your surfing.

BYOB? (Bring Your Own Board)
Many visitors to the Island do not bring their own surfboard, and that’s no problem as there are plenty of places to buy or rent one on Hawaii. If you are taking lessons, the board and other necessary equipment will be provided. If not, you can either rent or buy one. If you’ll be on the Island for a few weeks and plan to do a lot of surfing, then consider buying a used board. You’ll probably be able to find one for less than what you’d pay to rent a board for several days. You may even be able to sell it back to the surf shop when you’re done.  

This exciting Hawaii Activity is fun for visitors of all ages, so be sure to give this Big Island Thing to Do a try during your visit to Hawaii.

The Basics:

  • Some of the many companies on Hawaii that rent surfboards and offer lessons are Kahalu’u Bay Surf & Sea (808.322.4338), Kona Boys (808.328.1234), and Miller’s Surf (808.326.1771.)
  • Kid-Friendly Hawaii Activity: YES