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Hawaii Attractions | Kula Kai Caverns

Kula Kai Caverns, a Big Island Attraction, offers several tours with one to suit most fitness levels.

92-8664 Lauhala Drive Ocean View, HI 96737

Some of the most beautiful Hawaii Attractions are found underground. Visit Kula Kai Caverns, a popular Big Island Attraction, during your next visit to Hawaii.

About Kula Kai Caverns:
Located on the south side of Hawaii, your visit to Kula Kai Caverns will include a tour led by experienced guides. This is a family-friendly Hawaii Attraction, and there are tours to suit various fitness levels.

Lighted Trail Tour
The Lighted Trail Tour is the one that is best if you’re visiting Kula Kai Caverns with children. This tour includes a 30-minute walk on a lighted trail. This walk is quite easy, and it can be completed by anyone who has the ability to walk up and down stairs.

The Crawl
When you choose the crawl, you’ll do the Lighted Trail Tour and then continue on to crawl through a short braided section of the caverns. You’ll use equipment, such as helmets, lights, and knee pads to complete this tour. All needed equipment is provided.

The Two Hour Tour
To complete this tour, you must be in a good physical condition. Like The Crawl, The Two Hour Tour requires crawling through some portions of the caverns. This is the longest tour offered, and for those who want to explore as much of the caverns as possible, it’s the best choice.

Twilight Tour
The Twilight Tour starts just as the sun begins to set. When you emerge from the caverns, it will be dark. This allows you to get a different look at the scenery and makes for a fun adventure.

Add a visit to this underground Hawaii Attraction to your itinerary during your next visit.

NOTE: All tours must be reserved in advance.  You will be given an access code when you make your reservation.

Lighted Trail Tour - $20
The Crawl - $60
The Tour Hour Tour - $95, Ages 8 to 12 - $65
Twilight Tour - $95