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Big Island Attractions | Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is a beautiful Hawaii Attraction that draws thousands of visitors who come to see this beautiful waterfall.

Hilo, Hawaii

Some of the most beautiful and popular Big Islands Attractions can be found in nature. The Island is home to a number of picturesque waterfalls, and these Hawaii Attractions are definitely worth a visit.

About Rainbow Falls:
If you want to visit a gorgeous Big Island Attraction then Rainbow Falls is a great pick. This waterfall is 80 feet tall and an impressive 100 feet in diameter. Located in the scenic Wailuku River State Park, there is no admission fee to visit this naturally beautiful Hawaii Attraction.

The waterfall splashes into a turquoise pool of water, creating a sound that is as soothing as the sight of Rainbow Falls. Legend says that Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess, makes her home in the lava cave over which the waterfall flows.

While Rainbow Falls is a highlight of a visit to Wailuku State Park, there is more to see here. As you hike to the falls and explore the surrounding areas, you’ll see lush tropical rainforest. A visit to this Big Island Attraction is something that the whole family can enjoy together, and it’s a great choice for a day out exploring. If you time your visit just right, you may be able to see how the waterfall got its name. Visitors who arrive at the fall at 10 a.m. on a sunny day will see rainbows dancing in the mist off of Rainbow Falls.

No matter what time you visit this Hawaii Attraction, you’ll get a sense of why many people feel that Hawaii is our nation’s most beautiful state. Bring your camera to capture some shots of your visit to Rainbow Falls, which is sure to be a highlight of your stay on the Big Island.

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