Big Island Lilikoi Festival, Big Island Events

Big Island Lilikoi Festival | Big Island Events

The Lilikoi Festival is a popular Big Island Event that offers a taste of Hawaii.

October 15, 2016
Makuu Market | 15-2131 Keaau-Pahoa Road Pahoa, HI 96778

If you’re looking for Big Island Things to Do then consider attending popular Big Island Events like the Lilikoi Festival.

About the Big Island Lilikoi Festival:
One of the great joys of a visit to Hawaii is sampling some of the local cuisine. Dining at favorite dining spots of the locals is a favorite Big Island Thing to Do. Fresh seafood and Japanese fare are among the top choices along with some flavors and ingredients that are rarely used in other parts of the country.

Lilikoi is a fruit that many visitors to the Big Island have never tried. Also called passion fruit, this flavorful fruit is used in drinks, desserts, and even in savory dishes. The Big Island Lilikoi Festival showcases this delicious fruit in dozens of ways.

Bartenders will be on hand to create unforgettable lilikoi cocktails. While lilikoi is great in drinks, this Big Island Event serves as reminder that it fits well in many recipes. Try some lilikoi-infused dishes from local chefs as you enjoy a few hours at the Big Island Lilikoi Festival.

Another highlight of the festival is the recipe contest. Those who wish to participate can submit an entry for a dessert, entrée, or side dish with lilikoi as the main ingredient. Judges will select winners in each category and attendees will have a chance to buy a cookbook containing many lilikoi recipes.

Admission to this popular Big Island Event is just $2 per person, and it is a wonderful way to enjoy a taste of Hawaii while spending some time at Makuu Market, and outdoor farmer’s market.

It’s always fun to get a taste of Hawaii during your visit. This Big Island Event lets you do just that. As you plan your itinerary for an October visit, be sure to add the Lilikoi Festival to your list of Big Island Things to Do.