Big Island Events, Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival

Big Island Events | Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival

The Cherry Blossom Heritage is a popular Hawaii Event that attracts both locals and visitors.

February 6, 2016
Various venues

As early as the 7th century, Japanese aristocrats would celebrate the first blooms of the Cherry Blossom trees. Today, this tradition continues with the Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival – a popular Big Island Event.

About the Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival:
Aristocrats tended to have a lot of time on their hands. One way they would spend that time was writing poetry while gazing at the lovely blooms of Cherry Blossom trees. There is even a name for this gazing: hanami. Hana means flower and mi means look, so the name is quite literal.

This Hawaii Event honors the tradition of hanami. Attendees will celebrate by enjoying a number of Activities and Events during the Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival. This Event draws both locals and visitors. Some want to learn a few of the finer points of Chinese traditions. Others just want to have fun. Either way, this Big Island Event is a wonderful addition to your itinerary.

The first Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival took place on the Big Island in 1993. Since then, it has grown in both scope and popularity. You’ll witness drumming, dances, and other cultural demonstrations. Try delicious Chinese foods such as the sticky rice cakes known as mochi – you can even learn how to make this treat.

Adults and children will enjoy the chance to browse the vendor tables, munch on authentic Chinese goodies, watch the live performances and, of course, gaze at the beautiful pink blooms of the dozens of Cherry Trees that line Church Row Park.

Other popular Activities at this Hawaii Event are tea ceremonies, live demonstrations by bonsai artists, tours of homes, and much more. Shuttle busses are provided and will transport attendees around town during this Big Island Event.

Add the Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival to your list of Things to do on Hawaii during your February visit to the Big Island.