Events on the Big Island, Kona Surf Film Festival

Events on the Big Island | Kona Surf Film Festival

The Kona Surf Film Festival is a popular Hawaii Event that draws submissions from around the world.

January 30, 2016

Since 2003, this Event on the Big Island has attracted fans of surfing and films. This Hawaii Event is a fun way to spend a day during a January visit to the Big Island.

About the Kona Surf Film Festival:
It probably won’t come as a terrible shock that this Event on the Big Island was the brainchild of a man who is both a surfer and a filmmaker. Chad Campbell wanted to create an Event that would bring together people who loved surfing as much as he does, and the Kona Surf Film Festival turned out to be a huge success, and 13 years later, Campbell is still riding that wave of success.

Filmmakers appreciate the ease of the process of submitting a film to this Hawaii Event. There are no big fees – in fact there are no fees at all. Filmmakers just send the film in to Campbell and his crew and will hear back shortly as to whether the film was selected for the festival.

Several films will be hand selected for inclusion in this popular Event on the Big Island. Attendees will also enjoy live music and the chance to meet others who share a passion for surfing. You’ll also know that some of the money made by this Hawaii Event is donated to local charities, so you can have fun while also doing good.

Tickets are available online, and a limited number of tickets to this Hawaii Event are available. Tickets purchased before December 25th are $17 for adults and $10 for children (ages 14 and under.) After that date, the price is $22 for adults and $13 for those ages 14 and under.

If you’re planning to visit the Big Island during January then consider attending the Kona Surf Film Festival – a Hawaii Event rich in Aloha!