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Activities on Kauai | Kauai Shopping

Kauai Shopping offers something for every taste and budget. Enjoy this Kauai Thing to Do during your next visit.

When you’re looking for Kauai Things to Do, consider spending a day doing some Kauai Shopping.

About Kauai Shopping:
For both locals and visitors, Shopping is a popular Kauai Thing to Do. There are many Shopping venues located near some of the top Hotels on Kauai. Whether you are looking for antiques, souvenirs, clothes, or anything else, you’ll find a spot for Kauai Shopping that will meet your needs.

With stores to match every budget, this Activity on Kauai is fun for all visitors. You will find spots for both bargain Kauai Shopping and venues with more upscale choices. Some of the most popular Kauai Shopping venues are:

  • Harbor Mall
  • Hilo Hattie
  • Kinipopo Shopping Village
  • The Shell Factory
  • Kukui Grove Shopping Center
  • Kukui’ula Village Shops
  • Anchor  Cove
  • And many other

Shopping for Antiques is another popular Kauai Thing to Do. Yellowfish Trading Co. is one of the many wonderful spots for enjoying this Activity on Kauai. This antiques store even scored high praise in a New York Times article in which the writer said the store “has a well-curated collection of old and new Hawaiiana.” Several categories are represented, so you’ll be able to find something much better than the typical Hawaii souvenirs.

Even if you don’t want to spend a day enjoying Kauai Shopping, you’ll still likely want to pick up some souvenirs.  In addition to the typical souvenir shops are stores that sell locally-crafted items that will serve as beautiful reminders of the time you spent on Kauai.

Set aside a few hours to hunt for antiques, add a few items to your wardrobe or, buy some things for people back home. Kauai Shopping is a fun way to spend some time during your visit.