Kauai Activities, Visit the Tree Tunnel

Kauai Activities | Visit the Tree Tunnel

Visiting the Tree Tunnel is a popular Thing to do on Kauai. Enjoy this beautiful Kauai Activity during your next visit.

Koloa - South Shore

Visiting the Tree Tunnel is a popular Kauai Activity, and both locals and visitors appreciate the beauty of this lovely stretch of road.

About Visiting the Tree Tunnel:
As you drive on Maluhia Road, you will notice a Kauai Attraction that is tough to miss. Driving through the Tree Tunnel is a fun Thing to do on Kauai, and will be one of the sights you’ll long remember from your visit to the Island.

While it seems no one can agree upon when the original eucalyptus trees were planted, most agree that it was between 100 and 150 years ago. The trees may have been a donation from a wealthy man named Walter Duncan McBryde. Some say he donated the trees when he realized he had extra during a landscaping project. But, again, there is some controversy as to where the trees came from.

Some thank McBryde for a generous donation. Others say the trees were planted to help shore up a soggy roadway. No matter where the trees came from or when they were planted, today they form a picturesque canopy. The spot started with between 300 and 500 trees and today drivers can enjoy a full mile of the lovely trees.

Locals were saddened after Hurricane Iniki, which hit the Island in 1992, stripped the trees of the Tree Tunnel. Happily, all of the trees have recovered beautifully, and visiting the Tree Tunnel is, once again, a popular Thing to do on Kauai.

As you travel south from Lihue Airport, you will find the Tree Tunnel above Koloa Town. Visit this lovely spot during your next stay on Kauai.