Free Activities on Kauai, Kauai Things to Do

Enjoy These 7 Free Kauai Activities

Kauai Activities don’t have to be expensive and these 7 free Kauai Things to Do are proof of that!

December 22, 2015

Some people think that to enjoy a visit to Hawaii you must spend a fortune. The truth is that there are plenty of Kauai Things to Do that won’t cost a dime. In fact, many of the most popular Kauai Activities are free. Check out this list of some of the best Free Activities on Kauai!

Let’s start with the most obvious free Activity on Kauai: Enjoying the gorgeous beaches. Some visitors don’t pack a whole lot more than a few swimsuits, a pair of sunglasses, and some sunscreen. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches along with Kauai Activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, or watching the surfers catch some waves.

There are stunningly beautiful hiking spots in Kauai. Trails offer something for novice hikers along with trails that are suitable for those looking for a bit of a challenge. Some of the many popular spots for this Free Activity on Kauai are Waimea Canyon, and Canyon Trail at Kokee State Park. Waimea Canyon is one of the most popular and it is often called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

Coffee Farm Tour and Coffee Tasting
Kauai Coffee Company | 870 Halewili Road Kalaheo, HI 96741
Kauai has many claims to fame including being the home of the largest coffee farm in the United States. Self-guided tours of the farm are offered at no charge. After you explore the grounds and learn about what it takes to get your morning coffee to your table, stop by the visitors’ center to enjoy a free coffee tasting.

Visit the Kauai Museum
4428 Rice Street Lihue, HI 96766
The Kauai Museum isn’t always free, but if you enjoy this Kauai Thing to Do on the 1st Saturday of the month there is no admission fee. Browse the galleries filled with fascinating artifacts, enjoy craft demonstrations, and learn about the history and culture of this beautiful Island.

Hula Shows
Attending a luau on Kauai is one of the most popular Kauai Activities, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can still watch some talented hula dancers in action. Several spots on the Island offer free hula shows including Harbor Mall Lihue (Wednesdays at 12:15 p.m.), Coconut Marketplace – Wailua (Wednesdays at 5 p.m. and Saturdays at 1 p.m.), and Poipu Shopping Village (Thursdays at 5 p.m.)

Stroll through Moir Gardens
3 Poipu Road Koloa, HI 96756
You don’t have to make a special trip to a garden to enjoy gorgeous, lush scenery on Kauai, but Moir Gardens is worth a visit. The Free Activity on Kauai features beautiful lava rock pools, koi fish, stunning orchids, cacti, and other plants and flowers.

Visit the Na Pali Coast
It’s true that this Kauai Thing to Do could have been included with hiking, but this Attraction deserves its own entry.  This 15 miles of coastline, also called The Cliffs, is one of the Island’s most well-known Attractions, and a visit here is one of the best ways to see the beauty of Kauai. Hiking isn’t the only way to enjoy the Na Pali Coast, but it is the top choice for visitors on a budget. If you decide on a splurge during your stay on Kauai then consider taking a helicopter ride over this beautiful stretch of coastline.

Whether you want to learn about the Island’s history, enjoy its beauty, or spend your time lounging on the beach, there are plenty of Kauai Things to Do that you can enjoy for free. Add some of these Free Kauai Activities to your itinerary during your next visit.