Attractions on Kauai, Huleia National Wildlife Refuge

Attractions on Kauai | Huleia National Wildlife Refuge

Huleia National Wildlife Refuge, a popular Attraction on Kauai, is home to rare birds and beautiful scenery.

Lihue, HI 96766

Huleia National Wildlife Refuge is an Attraction on Kauai that lets you explore some of the natural beauty of the Island.

About Huleia National Wildlife Refuge:
Since 1973, this Attraction on Kauai has been on the National Register of Historic Places. It is home to an abundance of wildlife and lovely scenery, and it is a wonderful place to spend some time during your visit.

Anyone who loves to spend time outdoors will appreciate this Attraction on Kauai, but this isn’t a place you can freely explore. It is true refuge, and the Huleia National Wildlife Refuge exists to protect endangered species – not to welcome visitors.

Still, bird watchers and others love this spot. While the refuge is not open to the public, the State of Hawaii maintains a scenic overlook from which you can spot many of the creatures who live in the Huleia National Wildlife Refuge. The overlook is located at Menehune Fish Pond.

Examples of the rare birds you may see include the Hawaiian stilt, Hawaiian coot, Hawaiian duck, and many others.  Anyone with an appreciation for conservation efforts will understand the importance of the work being done by the operators of this Attraction on Kauai.

This is one of the many Kauai Attractions where you can see wildlife in abundance. Because the refuge is not open to the public, the animals are not very skittish, so you have a great chance of seeing them out and about as they roam around and search for food.

Bring your binoculars and spend some time enjoying the beauty of Hawaii at this popular Attraction on Kauai. Add a visit to Huleia National Wildlife Refuge to your list of can’t miss Kauai Attractions.