Lanai Attractions | Things to do on Lanai

Are you visiting Lanai? Our Lanai Attractions Guide features a list of fun and exciting Lanai Attractions and Things to do in Lanai you can enjoy during your visit to Lanai.

Lanai is a small Hawaiian Island, that moves at its own pace, but there are plenty of Lanai Attractions to experience for those interested in venturing away from the small Hotels or 2 luxury Resorts.

With a majority of the roads being unpaved, it's a good idea to rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle to take around Lanai to discover pristine beaches and natural wonders on Lanai.

Explore Hulopoe Beach and see Hawaii's famous Spinner Dolphins and take in the Hulopoe Tide pools. Stroll through Lanai City and Kaunolu Village.  Visit Halulu Heiau, one of the most impressive archaeological sites on Lanai. Hike the Munro Trail and view the Poaiwa Petroglyphs. 

If you're feeling adventurous, visit Kahekili's Leap on Lanai's south shore. This rock ledge is where King Kamehameha's warriors proved their bravery by leaping 80 feet into the ocean below.

Visit Polihua Beach, Shipwreck Beach, and the Garden of the Gods, the spectacular Sea Cliffs and the other natural wonders of Lanai.

Lanai offers an abundance of  mountain biking and hiking opportunities. From Lanai's highest point it's possible to see the 5 neighbor Hawaiian islands across the channels. But the most popular hike on Lanai is the 7-mile long Munro Trail.

See our Lanai Attractions Guide below and begin planning a memorable trip to Lanai.

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