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Lanai Attractions | Munro Trail

Munro Trail is one of the most popular Attractions on Lanai. This Lanai Attraction boasts nearly 13 miles of hiking trails.

Munro Trail is one of the most popular Attractions on Lanai, and it draws both locals and visitors who come to enjoy its beauty.

About Munro Trail:
When you visit Lanai, you will find that there are several spots to enjoy hiking, biking, and off-roading. Munro Trail is one of the most popular. This Attraction on Lanai is a beautiful place to spend the day enjoying the beautiful, raw landscape of Lanai.

Munro Trail includes 12.8 miles of trails, and there are many ways to explore them. Bring your backpack and head out for a day of hiking. As you do, you will encounter rainforests, canyons, a variety of birds and other wildlife, and more. Off-roading is another fun way to spend some time on Munro Trail. You can rent a Jeep or other off-road vehicle and explore on your own, or you can take part in a guided off-road excursion.

Bikes are available for rent on Lanai, and cycling is yet another way to enjoy this popular Attraction on Lanai. However you choose to explore Munro Trail, make a point of heading to the top of Lanaihale.

This summit is the highest point on Lanai, and when you reach it you will enjoy stunning views. The views from the top of Lanaihale are not just of Lanai but of neighboring Islands as well. Note that this is not an easy drive, and it can take 2 hours by vehicle. For this reason, it is a good idea for inexperienced off-roaders to take a guided Jeep excursion. If you do venture out on your own, be sure to bring food, water, and extra gas. Also, let someone know your plans and what time they should expect you back.

Add a visit to Munro Trail to your list of can’t-miss Attractions on Lanai.