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Attractions on Lanai | Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach is an Attraction on Lanai that attracts those who want to enjoy lovely views.

While not suitable for swimming, this Lanai Beach is hugely popular with both locals and tourists.

About Shipwreck Beach:
Shipwreck Beach is one of the most popular Attractions on Lanai. Because the current is so strong there, it is not a place for swimming, but the views still make it a
top place to visit during a stay on Lanai.

Those same currents that make the beach unsuitable for swimming, along with a number of reefs, are what helped the spot earn its nickname. Several ships wrecked here, and there is even a question of whether or not treasure still rests off the coast.

When you come to this Lanai Beach, you will see a shipwreck as you gaze out over the ocean. Unlike the ships that met a violent fate nearby, this one, a WWII vessel, was put there on purpose. The vessel, a Liberty Ship, was placed there as an inexpensive means of scrapping it. It now adds a bit of intrigue to the scenery at Shipwreck Beach.

Another ship met a much sadder fate. The London sank offshore in 1826. The London was an American ship that was carrying tons of gold and silver. While some was recovered, it is not known how much – or how much still rests at the bottom of the sea near Shipwreck Beach.

Visit this Attraction on Lanai and enjoy getting some sun, searching for brightly-colored shells, enjoying a picnic, or just taking in the view. Sunset Beach is a Lanai Beach that is worth a visit both for the scenery and the history that you’ll find there.