Restaurant on Lanai, Lanai Ohana Poke Market

Restaurant on Lanai | Lanai Ohana Poke Market

Lanai Ohana Poke Market is a Casual Lanai Restaurant that serves fresh-caught fish and much more.

834 A Gay Street Lanai City, HI 96763

Cuisine:  Hawaiian
Price: $
Reservations: Not taken
Monday through Friday – 10:30 a.m. until the food runs out

Looking for a Casual Lanai Restaurant that serves some of the freshest fish you’ll ever eat? Lanai Ohana Poke Market is the place to go.

About Lanai Ohana Poke Market:
So what’s the downside of a visit to a Restaurant on Lanai that serves some of the best poke on the Island? You have to compete with everyone else who wants it! Lanai Ohana Poke Market only makes a certain amount of food each day. Once it’s gone, they shut their doors for the day.

Imagine the disappointment of arriving just as the last bowl of Maui Tuna was being handed to another customer. What if they just sold out of their amazing Spicy Shrimp Bowl just as you pulled up? Still, even with the possibility of disappointment looming, a visit to this popular Restaurant on Lanai is totally worth the risk.

If you scroll through the reviews for Lanai Ohana Poke Market, you’ll notice a lot of people using phrases like “best poke in the world,” or “I could eat here every day.” This Casual Lanai Restaurant also seems to inspire the use of capital letters and odd spelling choices as in “AHHHMAAAAAZZZING!!!” and “OMGERD SO GOOD!”

This isn’t the place to go if you want a fancy meal. Instead, this spot for Dining on Lanai is perfect when you want to grab a quick bite without having to change out of your flip flops. Delicious Hawaiian food as fresh as it comes and perfectly prepared. That is what you’ll find when you visit Lahaina Ohana Poke Market.

Be sure to add a stop – and get there early before the food runs out – to this Casual Lanai Restaurant during your next visit to the Island.