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Shopping in Lanai | Pine Isle Market

Pine Isle Market is a spot for Lanai Shopping for everyday items along with a selection of beer and wine.

356 8th Street Lanai City, HI 96763

Pine Isle Market
Category:  Grocery/Beer & Wine
Price Point: $$

If you come from a big city, there is much on Lanai that will impress you. The Shopping on Lanai may not be one of those things, but you’ll still need to pick up a few basics during your stay, so remember the name Pine Isle Market.

About Pine Isle Market:
Pine Isle Market opened in 1949, and it has remained a family-run business the entire time. The current owner, Kerry Honda, has said that his daughter has expressed an interest in taking over the reins, so Pine Isle Market should be around for a while.

They sell the basics: food, daily needs, beer and wine. They cater to locals, but visitors also find the small store sells many items they may need during a stay. While there isn’t a ton of competition on Lanai, the store’s owner has said it’s been difficult competing with national stores that have tried to move on to Lanai.

When you pick up some soda or a toothbrush at Pine Isle Market, you are helping to sustain a family business that has been part of the Island landscape for more than 65 years. Pine Isle Market was named Best Family Owned Small Business of the Year in a statewide competition.

While the store originally stocked only the basics, they have added other items over the years. You may see lawn care equipment, fishing gear, a few souvenirs, and other items stocked alongside groceries, pet food, and other everyday items.

When you need to do a little Shopping on Lanai, consider supporting this small, locally owned Lanai Shopping spot.