Maui Attraction, Bailey House and Museum

Maui Attraction | Bailey House & Museum

The Bailey House Museum is a popular Maui Attraction that is important in Maui’s history.

2375 Main Street Wailuku, HI 96793

This Maui Attraction is an 1833 former mission house, and today it draws visitors from around the world.

About the Bailey House & Museum:
When looking for historical Attractions on Maui, the Bailey House & Museum is a great choice. You’ll find interesting exhibits, historical records, and more. Exhibits change periodically, so even if you’ve visited this Maui Attraction before there may be something new to see.

The house was home to a missionary named Edward Bailey and his family until 1888. It was opened as a museum in 1957, and it is a popular Attraction on Maui. The home was built on what was once part of the compound of the last chief of Maui, Kahekili.

When you visit the Bailey House Museum you will find a number of exhibits that are of interest to the casual visitor such as Edward Bailey’s Paintings, Hawaiian Land Snails, and Images of Old World Maui. These historical photographs of the Island are particularly popular. For those with more than a passing interest in the history of Maui, the archives hold documents that will help open up past to those doing research.

The Maui Attraction also features online exhibits that change from time to time. This allows people from around the world to enjoy the exhibits anytime. Beautiful Hats of Hawaii is an example of an online exhibit from the Bailey House & Museum.

If you are looking for an Attraction in Maui that will provide a glimpse at the Island’s past then a visit to the Bailey House & Museum is a must. Add a visit to this popular Maui Attraction to your itinerary during your next stay.

Monday through Saturday – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.