Maui Things to Do, Old Lahaina Luau

Maui Things to Do | Old Lahaina Luau

Attending the Old Lahaina Luau has been a top Maui Thing to Do since the Maui Luau debuted in 1986.

121 Front Street Lahaina, HI 96761

When you want a traditional Maui Luau experience then Old Lahaina Luau is a perfect choice.

About Old Lahaina Luau:
Since 1986, attending an Old Lahaina Luau has been a popular Maui Thing to Do. From the start, the reviews of this Maui Luau were impressive, and the Attraction has grown over the years into one of the Island’s most popular luaus.

This Maui Entertainment option has such a demand that they run 7 days a week while some other luaus run only once each week. Old Lahaina Luau employs 160 people, and the 496 available seats are sold out on most nights. The reviews, both from attendees and critics, continue to show high praise.

For example, the New York Times had this to say about this Maui Luau:

“The Old Lahaina Luau has reinvented itself authentically in a genre rife with cliché…The program offers intelligent narration and excellent ancient hula. The food is authentic Hawaiian, and delicious.”

To many, the food is one of the highlights of a night spent at a luau, and you will not be disappointed with the meal at the Old Lahaina Luau. As mentioned in the New York Times review, the food is authentically Hawaiian. Some of the items you’ll enjoy are Laulau, Maui Style Mahi Mahi, Chicken Long Rice, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Ahi Poke, and Kalua Pork.

You can choose between traditional seating or seating at tables with chairs. At traditional Maui Luaus, guests would be seated on mats and dine from low tables. This option is available at the Old Lahaina Luau, and it provides a more authentic experience. Those who want to enjoy this Maui Thing to Do but are not comfortable sitting on a mat can opt to sit at a table.

All of the seating provides a great view of the stage area. You’ll watch as traditional storytelling dances are performed by the talented cast. The Old Lahaina Luau has earned high praise for being sensitive to the culture and keeping the dances as traditional as possible.

When you’re looking for Maui Things to Do, spending a night at this popular Maui Luau is a wonderful choice that will be a highlight of your visit.

The Basics
When: Nightly
Cost: Adults - $105, Ages 3 to 12 - $75, 2 and under - free
Kid-Friendly: Yes