Shopping on Maui, Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques

Shopping on Maui | Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques

Bird of Paradise Unique Boutiques is a can’t-miss spot for anyone antique Shopping on Maui.

56 North Market Street Wailuku, HI 96793

Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques
Category:  Antiques
Price Point: $$$$

Looking for fine antiques while Shopping on Maui? Then be sure to stop in to Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques.

About Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques:
Warning: If you love antiques then you may want to avoid this place unless you have lots of time to kill. Many visitors report that when they visit this spot for antique Shopping on Maui that they had to tear themselves away!

Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques is so filled with antique and vintage treasures that it is unlikely you’ll be able to look through it all in a single visit. As you browse the spacious store, you will find vintage travel catalogs, prints, furniture, textiles, and so much more. Of course, many of the items you may find here, such as beautiful kimonos, might not be easily found in other parts of the country.

Shopping is a popular Thing to do on Maui, and fun, unique stores like Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques are the reason why. Sure, you’ll find Shopping malls, and other retailers, but there is something about sorting through the treasures at a store like this that is special. It’s especially gratifying when you find the perfect piece for yourself or for a gift for someone back home.

Carve out some time during your visit to this beautiful Island to enjoy some Antique Shopping on Maui. Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques is just one of the many antiques stores you will find on the Island. No matter the category of antique that interests you, this and other antique stores have plenty to offer.

The knowledgeable owner at Bird of Paradise Unique Antiques will make your visit to this spot for Shopping in Maui even more memorable. Add this store to your can’t-miss list.