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Oahu Attractions | Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens

Hoomuluhia Botanical Gardens is an Oahu Attraction that features examples from several regions.

45-680 Luluku Road Kaneohe, HI 96744

Enjoy the beautiful weather while visiting Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens – a popular Oahu Attraction.

About Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens:
Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens is part of Honolulu Botanical Gardens, and it has many features that make it popular with both locals and visitors. Enjoy the beauty of this Oahu Attraction which features a campground for those who’d like to stay a while!

Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens was created in 1982. While it is beautiful, that wasn’t the garden’s original purpose. The Army Corps of Engineers designed the spot as a measure of flood protection. The garden’s plantings are separated by region, and many places are represented including Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Africa, Malaysia, the Philippines, and others.

One of Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens primary purposes is to conserve plants that are native to Hawaii. An entire team is dedicated to this purpose, and many lovely examples are on display. Other features of this Oahu Attraction are a serene 32-acre lake, scenic walking trails and, as mentioned above, a campground.

You will also find a Visitors Center with a lecture room, and a botanic library that is quite impressive. You can check the Oahu Attraction’s website for a list of upcoming special Events at Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens.

If you can’t bear the thought of spending time indoors, but still want to visit a top Oahu Attraction,  Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens is a perfect choice. Add this popular Attraction to your itinerary during your next stay on the Island.

Daily 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Free to the public