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Don’t miss the chance to visit Iolani Palace - a popular Oahu Attraction.

364 South King Street Honolulu, HI 96813

Iolani Palace is an Oahu Attraction that is the only former royal residence in the United States.

About Iolani Palace:
The beautiful Iolani Palace is located on the Island of Oahu and is a Honolulu Attraction that is a favorite of many visitors. Considered a sacred place by the local Polynesians, this is a can’t-miss Oahu Attraction.

Iolani Palace was once the home of the Hawaiian royal families, and it is said to be built on the grounds where the ancient people of the Island came to worship. The present structure was built in 1882, and it is listed as a National Historic Landmark. The previous palace structure was home to 5 generations of Hawaii’s reigning Kings and their families.

The palace is an Italian style fortress, built by architects Thomas J. Baker, C.S. Wall, and Isaac Moore. It included the most modern amenities available at the time, such as gas chandeliers and indoor plumbing.

If you want to understand the political influence and the growth of the Hawaiian Islands, then a visit here is a must. Wooed by the world for control of their precious islands, the royal rulers who once lived here were visited by dignitaries from around the globe. When you visit, you’ll experience the opulence and grandeur that once housed these makers of Hawaiian history.

The scared grounds of the Iolani Palace are still held in reverence today, and when you visit you will need to follow the regards of the Kapu. The Kapu, is the place of consecration and is off limit to visitors.

On your visit you will want to see the 4 gates that surround the palace. Each gate is a dedication to a royal ancestor that reigned in Hawaii, and each of the 4 gates has a purpose within the palace grounds.

The Iolani Palace is Honolulu Attractions that you and the family will love. With the rich Hawaiian history, the beauty of the grounds, and the magnificence of the palace rooms, a visit to this Oahu Attraction will be a highlight of your time in Hawaii.

Monday through Saturday – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Guided Tours
Adults - $21.75
Ages 5 to 12 - $6
Under 5 – not permitted

Self-Guided Tours
Adults - $14.75
Ages 5 to 12 - $6
Under 5 – No charge, but must remain in stroller during the entire tour