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Oahu Attractions | Koko Crater Botanical Gardens

Koko Crater Botanical Garden is a beautiful Oahu Attraction, and a visit there is a top Honolulu Thing to Do.

7491 Kokonani Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

If you’re looking for some tranquil alone time, or just want to explore the beauty of Oahu, then Koko Crater Botanical Gardens is a perfect spot.

About Koko Crater Botanical Gardens:
When you are looking for Honolulu Things to Do, consider a visit to Koko Crater Botanical Gardens. This Oahu Attraction is located on the back northeast side of Koko crater and just about 30 minutes from Honolulu.

The 60-acre Koko Crater Botanical Gardens features plant life from all over the world. This garden has been cultivated over the years and features many hot, dry climate plants that are happy to grow along the outer crater. The garden holds 4 distinctive collections of plants from 4 different regions of the world. The 500 plus trees and plants come from Africa, the Americas, Madagascar, and the Hawaiian Islands.

As you wander along the trail, look for the upside down trees. The baobab is native to Madagascar and Africa. The tree is long and smooth and appears to have a root system at the top of the tree. The tree does bear fruit and, when in bloom, the pod-like blossoms are reddish in color. Legend says that the tree was planted by God and tried to run away, so God pick it up and planted it upside down.

Along with the baobabs, there is a wall of Wiliwili Trees. This tree is so named for its twisted and gnarled trunk. The tree will bloom from April to July and presents a salmon, yellowish blossom that is most beautiful among the twisted branches. The tree is native to Hawaii and was once used for fishing nets floats, outrigger floats, and surf boards, The shiny reddish-orange seeds are used in leis.

Pick up a pamphlet that will lead you along this 2-mile hike. Information about the various plants and the crater itself will make your walk more interesting and educational. Be sure to bring water, and take time to stop at one of the picnic tables located along the trail where you can admire the beautiful views of the plumeria, the ornamental euphorbia, and even the cacti collection.

All of these exquisite dry climate plants are surrounded by the crater wall and make for a magnificent view as you walk the trail. This Oahu Attraction is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii.

Open sunrise to sunset daily
Closed Christmas and New Years