Oahu Attraction, National Cemetery of the Pacific

Oahu Attraction | National Cemetery of the Pacific

Visiting Pearl Harbor? Add a stop to the National Cemetery of the Pacific – a historic Honolulu Attraction.

Punchbowl Crater Honolulu, HI

Located in the Punchbowl, a crater formed by a volcano, the National Cemetery of the Pacific is the final resting place of notable figures and many who died in service to the country.

About the National Cemetery of the Pacific:
In addition to being a cemetery, The National Cemetery of the Pacific is also an Oahu Attraction. People come to see this historic burial place, find notable markers, and learn about the history of this place.

If you’re taking a Pearl Harbor tour, it makes sense to add a stop to this Honolulu Attraction as well. Many of the men who died during the attacks on Pearl Harbor are buried at the National Cemetery of the Pacific. Until 2001, many of these men were in graves marked unknown. While some of their identities are still not know, it was determined that they died aboard the USS Arizona, so their markers were changed to reflect this.

As new discoveries made, other changes are implemented. For example, in October 2002, about 175 graves marked unknown were given new markers when the identities of those buried there were discovered.

Nearly 75 memorials have been donated by various groups. Most of these are to pay tribute to men and women who died in 20th-century wars and attacks, such as Pearl Harbor. These memorials are located along a pathway within the cemetery. This is one of the most-visited features of this Oahu Attraction.

Notable people buried at the National Cemetery of the Pacific include more than 30 Medal of Honor recipients and several well-known people including:

  • Ellison S. Onizuka – astronaut who died aboard the Challenger
  • Clara Nelson – known in Hawaii as Hilo Hattie
  • John Burns – former governor of Hawaii
  • Ernest Taylor Pyle – WWII correspondent killed by a Japanese sniper

Add a visit to this historically-important Honolulu Attraction during your next visit to Oahu.