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Honolulu Attractions | Pacific Aviation Museum

The Pacific Aviation Museum is one of the Oahu Attractions that you’ll find at Pearl Harbor.

319 Lexington Boulevard Honolulu, HI 96818

See an impressive aircraft collection and other exhibits at this popular Honolulu Attraction.

About the Pacific Aviation Museum:
When you first arrive at the Pacific Aviation Museum you’ll step into Hangar 37. When Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941, this hangar survived. From this hangar, you will head to a theatre where you will see a film about the Pearl Harbor attacks that includes historic footage.

This Honolulu Attraction does more than tell the story of the attacks – it paints a picture of life on Oahu before, during, and after the attacks. You’ll leave with a complete understanding of how the attacks impacted the people who lived here in 1941.

A highlight of a visit to this Oahu Attraction is the chance to see the aircraft collection. Some of the aircraft that you’ll see are a dive bomber, a pursuit fighter, a naval carrier based fighter. You can also visit the Restoration Shop and learn how the historic planes are made ready to go on display in the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Visitors of all ages love the chance to become a pilot in the Combat Flight Simulators. This exciting feature will give you an idea of what it feels like to take off and land on an aircraft carrier and to engage in a dogfight with the other side.    

If you get hungry during your visit you can stop by the Laniakea Café - the Museum’s onsite Restaurant. The Museum Store has a fabulous assortment of items relating to aviation. Pick up a souvenir or a gift for someone back home.             

Visitors of all ages will enjoy a visit to this Honolulu Attraction. Spend a day exploring the interesting exhibits at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Daily – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Adult - $25
Ages 4 to 12 - $12
Combat Flight Simulators - $10