Events on Oahu, Kanehoe Bay Air Show

Events on Oahu | Kanehoe Bay Air Show

Attending the Kanehoe Bay Air Show is a fun Oahu Thing to Do, and visitors of all ages enjoy this exciting Event on Oahu.

October 17, 2015 to October 18, 2015
Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kanehoe Bay

Looking for Oahu Things to Do? This exciting Event on Oahu is a top pick for visitors of all ages.

About Kanehoe Bay Air Show:
When you’re looking for Events on Oahu that the whole family will enjoy then the Kanehoe Bay Air is a great choice. Those who attend this Event will have the chance to see a number of well-known aircraft and much more.

A highlight of the Event on Oahu is seeing the Blue Angels perform. These precision pilots will perform exciting aerial acrobatics, and attendees of all ages are sure to be impressed. While the Blue Angels are a big draw to the Kanehoe Bay Air Show, which is held on the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, there is much to see. Just a few of the many Attractions at the Air Show are described below.

Fat Albert
Fat Albert is the plane that carries the maintenance crew and equipment for the Blue Angels. This plane can reach 1,000 feet in just 15 seconds, and it only needs 2,500 feet of runway to land or to take off.

Marine Air-Ground Task Force Demonstration
See amazing demonstrations of how the Marine Corps use a combination of air and ground elements to achieve their elite status among the world’s fighting forces.

Paradise Flyers Radio Control Club
See flying demonstrations using a number of model aircraft. This club, whose headquarters is on the base, is made up of members of the military, their families, and civilians who are model plane enthusiasts and who want to share their love of this hobby with others.

Taste of Oahu
Grab a bite to eat at 1 of nearly 2 dozen food vendors that will be onsite. Enjoy pizza, chicken, seafood, and much more. Cool off with a soft serve cone or a refreshing shave ice.

In addition to those listed above, this Event on Oahu features many more planes and Activities. Plan to spend a full day exploring all there is to see that Kanehoe Bay Air Show!