Oahu Events, Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary | Oahu Events

Several Oahu Events will take place in honor of Pearl Harbor’s 75th Anniversary of the attacks that changed history.

December 1, 2016 to December 11, 2016

Millions visit Pearl Harbor each year, and this year special Oahu Events will mark the 75th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

About Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary:
Pearl Harbor is a place of pilgrimage for some. They come to remember or to honor their family members who died or fought in the attacks. For others, it is a place to learn about that infamous day in history – a day that changed the world forever.

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Events will take place from December 1st through December 11th.  The number of survivors dwindles each year, but a few who remain will be on hand to take part in some of the more solemn Honolulu Events. The dead will be remembered and the bravery of many recalled.

Some of the Oahu Events that will mark the anniversary are the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Commemoration, the USS Utah Memorial Sunset Service, and the USS Oklahoma Memorial Ceremony. Some features of Pearl Harbor will be debuted. The Freedom Bell opening ceremony and the Aerological Tower Dedication will take place during the 75th anniversary.

Another Oahu Event that will take place as part of the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary remembrance is a premiere of a documentary called “Remember Pearl Harbor.” This film will be shown at various locations throughout the year, but makes its world debut at this Honolulu Event. The Blackened Canteen Ceremony, military band performances, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, and the 75th Commemoration Pearl Harbor Survivors Gala are other Honolulu Events that will take place in honor of the anniversary.

Pearl Harbor is a top Attraction on Oahu, and it is a place that visitors of all ages come to remember and to learn. The number of visitors will likely increase during this milestone anniversary of the tragic events of 1941, but even if you’re not visiting during these special Oahu Events, you should add a stop to Pearl Harbor to your itinerary.

A full schedule of Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Activities is available on the Oahu Event’s website.