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Restaurant in Waikiki | Iyasume Musubi

Iyasume Musubi offers delicious food at a great price.

2427 Kuhio Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815

Iyasume Musubi
Cuisine: Japanese
Neighborhood: Waikiki
Price: $
Reservations: Not taken
Daily – 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Visiting Oahu on a budget?  Restaurants in Waikiki like Iyasume Musubi make it easy to enjoy a great meal at a great price.

About Iyasume Musubi:
Musibi Restaurants are common on Oahu, and there are dozens of such Restaurants in Waikiki serving up these little balls of deliciousness. But if you’re looking for the most casual and fast-food-like of all Musibi diners in the area then Iyasume Musubi is a great pick.

Some say Iyasume Musubi is a bit like a cross between a regular Musibi joint and a 7/11, which after walking in you’ll probably understand a little better. It’s the kind of place you’re supposed to stop in, have a quick bite, leave.

Fresh, full of flavor and wonderfully warm when served, there’s barely an entry on the menu that isn’t an absolute winner. If it’s your first time heading over, the Spam Musibi is something of a house special, and it is full of flavor. From eggs to cucumber to tuna to pickled plum and so many more, you’ll no doubt want to mix things up and sample a few different. Flavors.

If you’ve had your fill of the rice treats for now then try the Japanese Style Bento with Miso Chicken Cutlet or Miso Butter Fish. Dining in Honolulu on a budget is easy enough, and when you choose popular Restaurants in Waikiki like Iyasume Musubi, you can dine on a budget and still enjoy some of the delicious food that is loved by locals.

Whether you’re in Oahu on a budget or the sky is the limit when Dining in Honolulu, a visit to this Waikiki Restaurant is a smart choice.