Oahu Shopping, Antique Alley

Oahu Shopping | Antique Alley

Antique Alley is 1 of the best places to enjoy Oahu Shopping for antiques.

1030 Queen Street Honolulu, HI 96814

Antique Alley
Monday through Saturday: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Sunday

Enjoy the popular Honolulu Activity of antiquing at fabulous shops like Antique Alley.

About Antique Alley:
If you’re looking to head out and hunt-down a genuine piece of Hawaiian history, this is the place to do it. Antique Alley is the kind of place you have to know about in order to find it – stumbling across the place by accident just doesn’t happen – it’s 1 of many well-kept Island secrets.

From antique bottles to retro appliances and from old maps to home furnishings, the selection is every bit as eclectic as it is genuinely enchanting. Antiquing is a popular Honolulu Activity, and Antique Alley is special in that much of their selection was curated locally. That doesn’t mean you won’t find usual offerings of collectibles, toys, and books, but it does mean that much of what you find will be items you may never see anywhere else.

The owners, Paké and Julie, welcome every guest and make them feel right at home. Instead of the cold shoulder you might get at some other antique stores, these 2 will be happy to take some time to tell you the stories behind a few of the items that are up for sale.

Plan to stay for at least an hour as there are a lot of wonderful treasures to search through. Many people stay much longer, digging carefully through every item to make sure they don’t miss something amazing.

This spot for Oahu Shopping is conveniently located near Waikiki. You’ll even find another of Honolulu’s top antique stores right next door, so you can browse the treasures found in both. When you want antiques that are uniquely Hawaiian then Antique Alley is the place to go. Set aside an afternoon to explore this and other antique stores during your visit to the Oahu.